APSA 2016: Call for Panel Papers & Discussants : Transformations in German Politics

Dear Colleagues,

The American Political Science Association is introducing new session formats at its 2016 conference, to be held in Philadelphia next September. One of these new formats is an extended time panel in which 3-4 papers are presented, each with its own discussant. I thought this format would offer the IASGP an excellent opportunity to facilitate exchange between ABDs or recent PhDs and more established scholars of German politics. To that end, I am trying to organize a panel in keeping with the IASGP’s call for papers on the subject of “Transformations in German Politics” (see here for the call for papers: http://community.apsanet.org/annualmeeting/call/relatedgroups#IAG ).

I am looking both for younger scholars interested in presenting a paper on new trends in German politics and for more senior scholars interested in providing feedback on a younger scholar’s work. If you would like to participate in a panel proposal for APSA, please e-mail me either a brief description of the paper you’d like to present or a description of areas in which you feel qualified to comment. My e-mail is davidson@miami.edu and I would need to receive expressions of interest by Friday December 4th in order to put together a panel proposal by the APSA deadline.

Please feel free to forward this message to any younger scholars who you think would have an interest in participating.


Louise Davidson-Schmich

University of Miami

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